These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, And You?ve Probably Ignored Them!

During World War II, scientists invented a tube with microwaves called the magnetron, which, when combined with Britain?s radar system, was able to locate Nazi warplanes and prevent them from bombing targets. Just a short time later, Percy LeBaron from the Raytheon Company accidentally discovered that the same microwaves can cook food. He had a candy bar in his pocket which melted when he was close to the tube, which led to the discovery of the popular microwave.

And, although we use it to prepare and thaw our food every day, have your ever wondered if the microwave is safe?

Are microwaves dangerous?

There are about 2.45 billion hertz inside the microwave, which stay inside only if the safety door is not leaking, which is rarely the case. The dangerous amount for our body is 10 hertz, so you should be cautious when standing close to the microwave.

How does it hurt us?

Microwaves have been proven to cause birth defects, cataract, cancer and compromising the immune system which leads to numerous conditions.

According to Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, the microwaves degrade and deplete food of nutrients and deforms its molecules, which results in dangerous unwanted compounds. According to a 1992 study, people that consumed microwaved vegetables experienced the following symptoms:A considerably increase in cholesterol levels;
Increase in leukocytes;
A decrease in white blood cells;
A decrease in hemoglobin;
Microwaved milk lost 96% of its antibodies;
Microwaved infant formula has damaged structure which results in immunological abnormalities.

Even if your microwave is perfectly sealed (and that?s a big IF), you are still at risk of dangerous radiation exposure. The electromagnetic fields can penetrate through our bodies and cause serious health problems. The EPA considers .5-2.5mG of EMF as normal exposure. Standing 4 feet away of the microwave exposes you to 100-500mG of EMF, while 3 feet away exposes you to 1-25mG of EMF.

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They may be faster than a normal oven, but they?re also very dangerous ? have this in mind the next time you?re preparing your food in a microwave.